My Final Magazine Cover

the BOMB magazine cover MEDIA! no picsOverall I am happy with my magazine. The main things I am happy with are the main picture and the wording of the headlines.

The things I found the hardest were deciding where and what colour I should have my writing, I also had to be wary of not cramming too much into it.

I attmepted to get the main things that have happened or will happen with the school. I also tried to get pictures which will show what our school is like. I believe I have done these things and I am happy with my first ever serious magazine cover.

After advice from various people I have decided to change the font of my title. I also made THE and CHOSEN the same font.

I also removed th epictures which went across the top. I agreed with others that it ooked to crouded so now am happy with it.

    • AR
    • January 22nd, 2010

    This is an impressive piece of work. For the future, I would recommend that you still try to put an emphasis on simplifying your work. In particular, I think it would be good to limit yourself to one or two fonts. Don’t overdo the variety of fonts….

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