I did try to make my magzine as real as possible but with my own ideas. I didnt have one specific design that I copied but rather used a few ideas from different sources. For example at first the “THE” and the “CHOSEN” were different fonts to emphasise the play on words. I took this from “Birmingham Life”. However after advice from poeple that it didnt look as good as it could have been so i decided to change it to a more formal font and the same for both words.

The other technique that I used which has been successful in other magazines is the main picture in the middle with words and other smaller images around it. This makes it the main focus and I thought it was important for the first and main thing for people to see being students having fun and getting along with each other.

I realised that I had too much on the front cover and it was too crowded so decided to remove the smaller pictures. This makes it look better and I am pleased I did it. I have also add barcodes and the date to make it look more real.

My main picture shows two boys and two girls enjoying themselves. This is imporant because it shows that people from differnt backgrounds and sex can get along and enjoy life at school. This will hopefully encourage people who are perhaps worried about how they will be recieved or treated to come to our school because that wont be a problem here. It shows everyone gets on and we are effectively one big family at Chosen Hill.

My magazine has been made especially for the sixth form of our school. At the end of each year we would have people looking around our school deciding where to continue their education so we would want to promote Chosen. Every prospective student would get one of these magazines and hopefully it would tip the balance and make them come to our sixth form. So my magazine is targetting students but also we realise parents would also be reading this so we would ned to impress them aswell.

I adressed the audience with pictures of students and catchy headlines. The magazine itself would show poeple what kind of things we can do at our school aswell as the pictures on the front. Hopefully this will impress people and make them eager to get involved.

I have really enjoyed using photoshop and have learned more about it the more I use it. I am now confident with it but with my next design I will be keen to discover more, new things I could do with it.

Since my prelimary task I have found out about the smudge tool and learnt how to use shapes more effectively. I also think I now have a better as to what look good on a front cover. With my prelimary task I was very knew to the whole subject so wasnt really sure what to do. Now, however I am more confident and look forward to my next task.

    • AR
    • January 22nd, 2010

    This is excellent – well done. Over time, you will need to develop a slightly more technical perspective and use more specialist terminology. We will be going over this in class.

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