2nd Cover Design


I attempted to make this magazine look as real as possible and as much like a childs magazine as possible. Again, rather like my last design I didnt use one specific idea for my front cover; instead i gathered a range of ideas from all over the place. The theme of my cover depended on what the theme for the original magazine design was. As mine was reasonably formal I decided this one needed to be more fun. I decided I wanted to make people smile so immediately thought of a saying that puts an automatic sile on your face….”Have a Laugh!”. The title is the first thing most people look at so i thought if I make noticable people will be more inclined to pick it up. Also linked with the title is a pitcture of Hana and Eden laughing, it was iportnat for me to have that their to back the title up. From evidence I got from magazine covers such as “Match” is that right colours and fun pictures are the way to go. I did this with the picture of Jack and Alysha doing strange poses and Mr Robbins helping Gina.

It is important to show boys and girls enjoying themselves. This is crucial because it shows that people that may be from differnt backgrounds and sex can get along and enjoy life at school. This would be a major plus point for any year sevens who were worried about the older students. I know when i first came to this school the thing i was most skeptikal about were the older kids. I wanted to make my magazine cover fun to try and show them that we are nice really and tat to be honest we aren’t actually that much older in the way we behave sometimes. We can still “Have a Laugh” and enjoy ourselves.So people who are perhaps worried about how they will be treated at our school neddn’t worry because that wont be a problem here. The relationship between student and teacher is also important. Year sevens will be able to see that they are the only one who doesn’t like a certain teacher etc. it will also help to show that at our school teachers are actually very good and very nice so will do their best to help you. The main messge I am trying to get across in this cover is that whether your sixth form or year seven we all go to Chosen Hill and we can all learn and have fun together.

The target audience for this magazie is new year sevens. These kids do not yet know what the school is about so the hopefully the magazine will go someway to giving them more of an idea of what goes on nd what can be done. It is important for them not to tkae our school for granted. They need to realise as soon as possible what a good school they are at and how lucky they are to be here. I am trying to get them to embrace this and realise what our school has to offer. I belive it is crucial for them to feel part of the school as soon as possible and this magazine which adresses the reasder directly i would hope could go some way towards doing that.

I attempted to attract my audience by using colourful and comical headlines; aswell as funny pictures. The use of comical font is also key. I have attempted to create funny headlines with puns or common phrases. These headlines are done in differnet colours to draw the eye to get them read straight away so the audience knows what the magazine is about. Use of funny pictures is important aswell to show what kind of fun we have at this school. The picture of Jack and Alysha and the one of Mr Robbins and Ginawill hopefully put a smile on peoples faces. I used a smiley face symbol to put over Mr Robbins face. This is to disguise his identity and make people want to know who he was. I wanted to get people intrigued as to who it was. The questions as headlines will hopefully work in the same way. People will think to themselves what they think the answer is but to get the definitive answer will purchase the magazine.

In the process of making this magazine I learnt how important it is to use specific ideas and designs which would influence the target audience. Things like attractive fonts, headlines and funny pictures would hopefully attract young year seven students even if they didnt attract older senior teachers. I also learnt more about using photoshop and as i progress in the course these skills will benfit me when we get to bigger and more important projects.

    • AR
    • November 20th, 2009

    This image doesn’t work. Try to upload it again.

    Otherwise progress is pretty good. Well done.
    Try to get moving with more audience interaction / polls / videos.

    • AR
    • January 22nd, 2010

    An elegant and thoughtful piece of analysis. Well done.
    As far as the design goes, you admit that your ideas have come from all over the place and in the end I think this may be a bit of a problem. Try to make your design idea more crisp and focused.

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