What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

After researching into the different ways of distributing magazines I believe the best place to send my magazine would be newsagents. I think this because, as my magazine is a completely new genre, to start with a decent amount of people would hopefully purchase it. After the (hopeful) rush I would then expand the distribution to music shops and fairs. This is because the people who will visit music shops and music fairs will be more educated about music and more into it. It is because of this that they would hopefully be more likely to purchase my magazine.

In my research I found that specifically genred music magazines are mainly distributed out at festivals. I mainly know this because is the summer at a festival called “Greenbelt” I was up to my knees in the amount of free leaflets and magazines being given out. I would also aim for the bigger festivals such as “Glastonbury” because of the wider range of people who attend. There will definatley be some Glastonbury goers interested in my magazine. More locally and downscale, events like the “Upton Jazz Festival” who attract staunch Jazz fans and even the “Cheltenham Jazz Festival” which is growing annually would be a great place to distribute my magazine as the people who attend are people who  appreciate good music and the genre of funk is ultimately just a branch off the bigger genre of jazz. 

This would work well for me as the people visiting festivals are very open minded about the kind of music they listen so would happily  look at my magazaine and maybye in the long run purchase it.

Taken from WorldWide Magazine Distibution Limited and post 04/08:

The major magazine distibutor in England is WorldWide Magazine Distribution Limited. The headquarters is located to major Airports and Railway stations making it easier and more efficienct when it comes to delivering the magazines. They make sure they deliver pallets and parcels nationally on a next day service. They have a fully computerised label database system which means they can deliver the parcels safely and and without delay.

That post also talks about the advantages and disadvantages of free handouts, subscription magazines and newspaper magazines.

I think, due to my earlier reserach in 04/08 post on the Haymarket Media Group, my magazine couls comfortably fit into their range of magazines. They have produced mature, musical magazines such as “Calssic Fm” and “Gramaphone” aswell as sporting ones and motor ones. I think “Hot Funk” could easily fit into this publishing group as it is aimed for a mature audience who know the genre, funk. While this has been said there are certain aspecs to my magazine aimed for a slighly younger audience such as the bright colours but this is hopefully not enough to mean that my magazine would not be totally in place surrounded by other serious products.

    • AR
    • April 28th, 2010

    Jobs for Bill Topping

    Make sure that all the evaluation stuff is at the front or at least accessible from the front.

    In your discussion of forms and conventions include references to/quotes from/links to materials about this on the blog.

    In your technologies presentation, I would add more material about how you used the blog for planning, loggin, interacting with audience etc etc…Reflect on bloggin not just photoshop and publisher.
    Try to reflect in much more detail about the features of Photoshop that you made real progress with….etc

    In the section on ‘Social Groups’ try to use more of the language of ‘representation’….discuss the way in which your image maybe conforms with or challenges stereotypes…
    For the question on progress from your school magazine, you need to be more analytical about the weaknesses of this work and consider what advances you have made…in more detail.

    • adamrobbins
    • May 3rd, 2010

    I think you could do with being a bit more detailed on this one. You could also be more specific about which festivals?

    Try to include some research you have done into the industry and how it works. There are links to some info ondistribution at the bottom of my blog…

    …it might be interesting to consider whether your magazine could fit the profile of one of the existing big publishers. Hopefully you should have touched on this when you did your case study over the holidays…

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