Evaluation: Construction

My main weakness was on the technical side of things. At the staat of year twelve I lacked quality in almost all areas creating poor photographs and struggling on photoshop. I feel much more comfortable now and am able to create passable images. I have discovered new techniques on photoshop like the drop shadow and how to rasterize text meaning that things which would have previously looked shabby can now be improved.

I managed to utilize my strengths in order to cover up or more accurately aid my weaknesses and this can be seen most in the trailer. I went for a comedy film because I can easily think up amusing senarios and felt that if i had the audience laughing then less attention will be adressed to the intiricacies of filming.

I did this by using very simple shots. I, Like the shot below wanted to create a senario that was amusing and did not need a complicate framing etc to be made effective. From the feedback I have recieved this has been done well.

While I tried to cover up my weaknesses I still feel I have progressed well and have created something which I am proud of.

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