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Film Poster

Here is the latest progress on my film poster.

I am chnaging the blue to real sky and some of the fonts I will change. This is more of an outline for what I want to do.

I am using the “Juno” film poster for insiparation.


Poster Ideas

Recently I have trying to think of ideas to make the poster look more like a proffesional one. I have most of the components but I just needed to imrove the quality and the layout.

Here are a few ideas. They are faint but it is pretty easy to see what I was trying to do. I want a wonkey eyeline so it takes a person’s interest. I am also planning to make the title wonkey so it suggests chaos has ensued.

Film Poster

This is my film poster so far. There is no structure to it at the moment I have just been choosing and cropping the photos that I will use.

Magazine Latest

Here is the latest progress on my magazine.

At the moment I feel I’m risking using too many colours with too much goin gon but there is plenty of time to change things.

Visiting Vince Official Trailer

Here is the final trailer.

I have changed the titles to make them more interesting to read and changed the “c” in my review from Jonathan Ross from a capital to a lower case o make it correct.

I am pleased and proud of what I have achieved and I have been getting very positive feedback.

Here it is:

Ammeded Titles

I have hanged the titles and made them more central so they look more neat and consistant.

I have also added my own grunt when andrew gets hit in the crotch. It works better I feel.

Here is latest progress:


I now will concentrate on my magazine.

This is a practice magazine front cover. I have used the year one picture as it is very similar to the one I wish to use.

With my own picture and my own text on the magazine I feel there is potential for a good design here.

The editing and the cutting out of the picture is very rough as it is just a practice.