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Adaptations post audience response.

In terms of my trailer most of my audience feedback came after I had finished my construction meaning that I was limited to the changes I could make. Having said this, if my blog is observed you can see the difference between my first draft and the final design of my trailer.

Here they both are so you can see.

First draft

Final Construction

From looking at these you will hopefully be able to tell the differences. While many would argue the first draft is actually funnier due to the surreal circumstances the characters find themselves in the quality of framing, lighting and sound was pitiful. The final draft was made predominantly off the back of audience feedback from my teachers and from my peers. As you will have noticed I took out from the original draft, the first establishing shot of the house. I was convinced that as a lot of the action takes place away from the house there was no need for it to be seen. I also took out the shots of Andrew throttling Chris and of Andrew with the coffee cup. While amusing it is actually difficult to see what is going on and I thank my audience for there rather blunt criticism of these shots. There is also the shot of Andrew being hit in the crotch by the ball. I included him reaching the floor but it looked very untidy as he hit in stages rather than in one smooth transition. As can be seen in my final draft I rectified this by having one shot of the hit and then later on one shot of him lying on the floor. The other element of the first draft which needed the most work was the titles. they once more were slightly untidy. With help from my teacher I established what needed to be changed and did so. With the titles in the final draft they are less in your face and look neater through simple methods such as middling the text and keeping the font consistent. Something which I should not have needed feedback to change. The other most obvious thing to see is that the name of the film. I was told by people who watched the trailer that the name sounded more like a thriller or an action movie. As this was not what I wanted I agreed to change it and used a poll on my blog. At decision time Visiting Vince was the most popular option so I went for it. This is another example of me acting upon feedback.

As for my poster and film magazine feedback it was less substantial because of our year 12 experience. Despite this I did need help with the layout and quality of pictures. I have hopefully created something which looks professional and that is indeed the response I get from friends who have not helped with my construction.

Overall I am grateful to those who gave me feedback as I could act upon it and improve my projects. I am very pleased with what I have created. I can now appreciate how important the Audience Feedback side of production is.


What have I learned from audience feedback?

Here is something I recorded on soundcloud instead of uploading. It gives an insight into what I wanted as a response from the audience, what helped I have received through the year, how people gave me advice, and how i acted upon it.

The recording is not the best but you can still hear everything.

More Audience Feedback (Question 3)

Here is some more audience feedback. The quality of shot is pretty bad but it is all useful information to get. The computer goes a bit mad but it doesnt effect their enjoyment.

Here is Will and Ed talking about what they saw. Unfortunately they struggle to keep serious as you will be able to see but everything they say is very useful.


Here is my friend Jack with his views on my trailer.


Here is a video of my friends watching my trailer. When you listen to their laughs its easy to predict what it was that they were watching. Half way through a teacher starts talking but it doesn’t detract anything from the video.

It is an interesting way to see how the trailer has been received.

At a later date I will video them commenting on what they saw.

Evaluation (Question 3)

I recorded my friend talking about my magazine and film poster on a dictaphone. Unfortunately the media did not transfer onto the computer so I have copied up what they have said.

I have edited out all the umms and ahhs and they are very positive because they are my friend but it is all very useful feedback.

“I think the film poster and magazine work really well, especially in conjunction with the trailer. The film poster backed up the trailer really well and the relationships established in the trailer remained prominent in the poster. I particularly thought the falling off the last few letters was effective and that, perhaps more than anything else, told me the genre of the film (although watching the trailer first may have influenced my decision.) Everything was included in the poster that I recognise from real posters. I didn’t, on first look-see anything wrong or unconventional about the poster and this is a positive thing I think. When I studied it closer I could see that all the typical things were used, including the “all rights reserved sign” for example. My only criticism would be the picture quality. Although I am not a photographer I did notice they were of inferior quality than one’s used on real posters.”

“This would also be my only negative point about the magazine. Overall I was very impressed with what was created especially after seeing the project last year. I could see a massive improvement. There were not too many colours as has been the case previously and overall I felt it worked well. The pictures, although of not a great quality were amusing to look at and once more reinforced the genre of the film. As with the filmi poster I noticed nothing out of the ordinary and this is obviously a compliment to the quality of construction.”