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Yr 13 Final Constructions


Film Poster

Here is my film poster. I have moved away from the A4 format as in my research most of the effective posters were in this format. I have also filled in the “Visiting Vince” with orange so it stands out more against the blue of the sky. I have also used a real picture of grass unlike in the “Juno” picture. Other than that I have generally used the “Juno” poster as my inspiration.

The “C” and the “E” are falling down with chunks falling off the “N” to show the chaos created by the characters and the storyline. I am happy with what I have created over the year especially when you consider my significant lack of technical expertise.

Film Poster

I have based it upon the Juno poster and I am pleased with how it looks. The orange looks nice against the blue. I am pleased with the way I have the c and the e falling off the “vince.” Along with the chunks falling the aim was to illustrate that chaos was ensuing.


Here is my magazine.

I am happy with how it looks and feel it looks at home with the likes of other magazines.

I have chosen a black and white background because I noticed that was a popular colour.

underneath my magazine are some other magazines with a black and white background and ones I loosely based mine on.

Official Visiting Vince Trailer in Widescreen

We worked out how to get the video in widescreen.

Here it is: