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Evaluation: Research and Planning

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

I have used my blog this year and last year more than any other technology. On it I have shown the research I have done into existing, magazines, posters and trailers.

This has been extensive as I not only looked at existing products, I also analysed them picking out what was good and bad about them, deciding what tehcniques I could use aswell as others I feel I would stay away from because I did not feel they worked. I also used the blog to research what film names were popular or what are the basic conventions of comedy trailers etc. All this information I gathered was crucial to the development of my trailer, magazine or poster over both years. Through this research mistakes I had previously made became clear to me and also provided me with options as to what to change it to. The main area I need to adress in both my poster/magazine and film was my skill with a camera. I have always been aware that this was my main weakness and through the research done on the internet I managed to learn how to frame certain shots and adjust the light balance which helped me.

Also on the blog I have been regularly posting my progress. These posts range from storyboards to videos. I have been constantly adding my latest developments on the construction side of things and the gradual evolving of my designs have been clear. I attempted to post a new blog every lesson with my latest progress and while this could not always be done I have been happy with the regularity of my blog posting.

There were many blogs and videos on the internet which provided a great amount of information to me, especially in year twelve when I was new to the whole idea. Websites like


Both these sites helped me immensely and I was able to act upon lessons I had learned from them.

I was also able to create polls on the blog where I could asks people’s advice. I chose to ask people what their favourite name was for my film. I had a good response as the people in my class are always willing to help and are checking out what peers are doing constantly anyway so they were more than able to provide their opinion.

The blog also has a comments system meaning so my teacher can give me advice which I can then work into my coursework.

While I still feel more comfortable writing I am happy with the way I have improved on the technical side of things and am pleased whith what I have achieved practically over the two years.


Film Poster

Here is the latest progress on my film poster.

I am chnaging the blue to real sky and some of the fonts I will change. This is more of an outline for what I want to do.

I am using the “Juno” film poster for insiparation.


Here is my magazine.

I am happy with how it looks and feel it looks at home with the likes of other magazines.

I have chosen a black and white background because I noticed that was a popular colour.

underneath my magazine are some other magazines with a black and white background and ones I loosely based mine on.

Poster and Magazine Pictures

I have been researching existing magazine and poster pictures. I have found a few which show what I wish to do pretty well. The idea, as shown in the pictures I drew is to have Andrew in the forefront and Chris is the back.

Here are some that I found which are appropriate. They are not all comedy’s buy the idea is the same.


We have been encouraged to explain why we have chosen our actors.

My actors are my brother, Andrew and one of my best friends Chris. I went with these guys partly because they were easily accessible and I wouldn’t have to pay anything but I also created the roles around their personalities. The characters they play are very similar to how they are in real life.

Andrew, is just a normal fifteen year old who, like anyone, would get frustrated at the constant presence of an idiot, like Chris. I feel it is revealed in the trailer that he tries to handle Chris but eventually looses it. He also has a fantastic dead pan humour which is exactly what I enjoy in comedy so he was perfect for the role.

My friend Chris was also perfect for the character he is playing. He is a larger than life extrovert who is totally hilarious. When i first thought of the character I wanted I knew Chris could do it really well. While he can do obvious humour (slap stick etc) his subtle comedy is also very funny. Chris’ appearance is one that you will struggle to forget and his personality, which hopefully comes out in the trailer is infectious.

Overall I am very pleased with my actor choices and they have done a really good job. I will need them again soon to perfect my shots.

Magazine Designs

Here are a few more simple magazine designs that are effective I feel.

I am in the process of making my magazine cover and I my film poster. They will both be pretty simple but effective.

Film Poster Ideas

The idea of creating a simple but powerful magazine front cover applies also to my film poster that I will be making.

In my research I have come across some very pleasingly simple posters of some funny films.

Hopefully I will be able to make something simliar. The “Year One” poster is a good one relating to what I want to do with my two main characters. I will base my poster on this with obvious differences.