In what ways did your media product develop challenge and use conventions of real products?


Film Poster Evaluation

Film Magazine Commentary

This is the first half of my film commentary. I have not been able to record it all due to technical difficulties so the rest is written below.

I have tried to record this and make a video but it has not worked.
I will try again, but if not here it is in writing.
I attempted to make my comedy trailer as conventional as possible.
To do this, I included the green preview slide in order to give it an authentic look.
At the start of the trailer I have two seconds of “dramatic music” in order to set the scene.
The aim of this was to make the audience think that they were watching a thriller or an action movie so when the sudden change came it would be surprising and funny.
I pushed the illusion further with zooming in shots of my main character and a dramatic voice over.
This is a typical convention of action films but is also commonly used in comedy films to great effect in films like Mike Myers the “Love Guru” for example.
Fourteen seconds in, the genre of the trailer changes.
I used the sound of an alarm for several reasons.
Firstly to show that my main character has been asleep and he is now waking up,
secondly to alert the audience that something is about to change in their viewing and thirdly as a way to seamlessly stop the dramatic music and pave the way for a different slant.
There is then a shot of Andrew just waking up from a sleep.
The sun is shining in on is bed to show the audience that the time of day is morning if the alarm did not necessarily make sense.
The audience by now from the comic yawning and waking up from my actor should be able to tellthat the dramatic start will not really be followed up on.
If people were still not sure of this then hopefully the next shot will do the trick.
I was eager for Andrew waking up to be nice and quiet, almost relaxing, to totally contrast with the anarchy which will ensue.
I used a jump shot to show Chris lying in the bed next to Andrew and was keen for the differences in the shot to become apparent.
If you freeze the shot then you can see Chris on the left with a face of total contentment and Andrew with a face of horror and I feel this illustrates well, even in the first shot, what the story of the trailer will be.
I spent ages attempting to eradicate any continuity errors from my work.
This meant a lot of time was dedicated to creating a smooth transition from single shot to two shot.

It was important that Andrews head continued on the same line between shots and I think this has been done pretty effectively.

The shot then moves to a blank screen with the words “he gets a visit” over the top. After this there is dialogue between the two characters where the plot of the movie is revealed.

This was intended to signal the end of the first section of my trailer which was the slow paced start and the set up.

Then there is a mixture of voiceover and titles giving information about the makers of the film.
In most of the trailers I watched in my research there was some mention of who was behind the scenes, which was intended to impress people and prompt them into going to view the film.
I have done this with mine.
I have also included a rating from the appreciated film critic Jonothan Ross.
The quote was meant to add humour which I feel it did but also if someone was to see a glowing report from Jonothan Ross then they would be more inclined to go and see the film.
Throughout the trailer from now on there is the snooker music over the top.
This will hopefully strike a chord with a generation of people watching the trailer and what’s more perhaps make them more inclined to go and see the film as that is the main aim.
Following the first section of my trailer there is now a series of clips aimed at making the audience laugh.
The first shot is of Andrew looking in a mirror convincing himself that everything will be alright.
I wanted the shot to be in a mirror because I felt that character should be trying to look at himself and almost get things into perspective.
It is an attempt by the character to see things clearer.
I used an over the shoulder shot to make it look to the audience like they were listening to someone else.
The next shot is of Andrew being struck in the crotch by a football.
It is a brief reason as to why he is lying on the floor at the end.
It is an attempted motif simply trying to illustrate the pain caused to him character by Chris’.
I used audacity to record the grunt over the top.
Initially Andrew’s grunt, although real sounded very grainy and so I replaced it with my voice.
The next shot is once more a mixture of titles and voiceover.
This was done simply to show that I could use both techniques but I attempted to elaborate more on the voiceover just to add some variation.
The next shot is my second sound drop.
After Chris has followed Andrew into the toilet there is a brief pause followed by Andrew exclaiming.
In my research I found that there are around two to three sound drops in a film trailer.
After the first one which was much less abrupt (the cutting of the dramatic music) this one is more obvious.
Although the next shot could be used to show what happened the fact that I don’t zoom in for example allows the audience so think about what could have happened.
It allows their minds to roam and offers a lot of options.
The music then comes back in after a brief pause with some more titles and voiceover.
Between the “To cope” and the “they have to get on titles” is a scene which I just put there to get a cheap laugh.
The scenario is simply bizarre and the goal was to get a reaction of amused confusion and I feel it has worked well.
I then show the actors.
I use the same font throughout for consistency and it is also the font I have used in my magazine and poster.
The shot of Andrew is very simple but the shot of Chris is once more strange and is an attempt for a cheap laugh.
After the “In a hilarious classic” slide there are two scenes showing Andrew attempting to get out of the shower but being interrupted by Chris on the loo.
These scenes are intended to highlight the relationship between the two characters being difficult to say the least.
There is then the second part of the hit in the crotch Andrew received earlier in the trailer.
Andrew lies helplessly while Chris, totally oblivious collects the ball and moves on.
This is once more an illustration of their relationship.
The final scene before the title of the film shows a link back to the start.
Andrew and Chris are lying together in the bed with Andrew attempting to scream an expletive but being cut off short.
This I feel is a good ending.
The idea was to leave the audience laughing and I think I have done this.
The end joke is one that never fails to get a laugh.
Overall I am very happy with what I have created and have received very positive response.

Film Poster

Here is my film poster. I have moved away from the A4 format as in my research most of the effective posters were in this format. I have also filled in the “Visiting Vince” with orange so it stands out more against the blue of the sky. I have also used a real picture of grass unlike in the “Juno” picture. Other than that I have generally used the “Juno” poster as my inspiration.

The “C” and the “E” are falling down with chunks falling off the “N” to show the chaos created by the characters and the storyline. I am happy with what I have created over the year especially when you consider my significant lack of technical expertise.

Film Poster

I have based it upon the Juno poster and I am pleased with how it looks. The orange looks nice against the blue. I am pleased with the way I have the c and the e falling off the “vince.” Along with the chunks falling the aim was to illustrate that chaos was ensuing.

Film Poster

Here is the latest progress on my film poster.

I am chnaging the blue to real sky and some of the fonts I will change. This is more of an outline for what I want to do.

I am using the “Juno” film poster for insiparation.

Poster Ideas

Recently I have trying to think of ideas to make the poster look more like a proffesional one. I have most of the components but I just needed to imrove the quality and the layout.

Here are a few ideas. They are faint but it is pretty easy to see what I was trying to do. I want a wonkey eyeline so it takes a person’s interest. I am also planning to make the title wonkey so it suggests chaos has ensued.